Anna’s Table Four meditation pieces for everybody 1993
Women Voices Seven piano pieces with voice 1993. Premiere 1994
Fifty Songs 50 short pieces for accordion and voice. Premiere 1994
Geschichten (Stories) for women’s choir a cappella. Premiere 1998. Furore Verlag Kassel
Baumklang (Arboreal Sounds) piano solos for students. Furore Verlag Kassel 1999
Benedicta Scenario for mixed choir a cappella, soprano, flute, marching drum, organ and three masked dancers. Premiere 2000. Furore Verlag Kassel
Emitte Spiritam tuam for mixed choir, organ, and a girl’s voice 2001
SPIEL himmelerde (PLAY heavenearth) a chamber orchestra tale for soprano, flute, organ and a female speaker.
KYRIE or touching the names of God for mixed choir a cappella 2005
That gave birth to the sky a cycle of Anne Blonstein’s poems, set to music. For 10-stringed guitar and voice. Premiere 2005
Klagelieder (Lamentations) for voice and percussion. Text: Book of Lamentations. Premiere 2007
Hut, Rad, Schilf, Bild (Hat, Wheel, Reeds, Image) Learning to read, then and now – a performance with text and music. For tenor, cello, piano and three children. Premiere 2007 on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Kantonsschule (high school), Küsnacht ZH.
für Violine und Klavier … (…for violin and piano…) Premiere 2008 with Christine Ragaz
Grüne Wortschlieren (Green Word Flows) for mixed choir and baritone saxophone. Premiere 2009 with the Vocativ Choir  under the direction of Heini Roth
Bazaar for mixed choir, soloists, accordion and contrabass. Premiere November 2012 in Ljubljana with the Ave Choir directed by Jerica Bukovez
Poslusam Sapo 7 songs. Poems by the Slovenian author Meta Kusar. Premiered 2013 by Eva Nievergelt, soprano.
Wila 4 songs for soprano solo, based on poems by Ruth Loosli. Premiered 2013 by Eva Nievergelt.
Rabenschnur 6 songs for mezzo soprano, violin and piano. Poems by the Swiss authors Wanda Schmid and Ruth Loosli and the Slovenian author Meta Kusar..
vag, irgend, sass, bis, yawl – Litanei for mixed choir and piano with texts written by Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck. Premiered 2016 in Visby, Gotland, Sweden by Campus Gotland Kammarskör directed by Karin Eklund.
Blackbox Commissioned by the Kantonsschule Kuesnacht. For various ensembles (Atem 1-10, Meditation 1-5, Der Narr, Der Narr träumt, der Narr rennt, Caminar, In Honorem) Premiered at Kantonsschule Küsnacht ZH in April 2017 in the context of Synapse17.
Toccata Commissioned by the guitarist Urs Güntensperger. For 13-stringed guitar. Premiere planned.
Die Riesin treibt Schabernack composed in the context of a memorial for the deceased American Composer Pauline Oliveros at the  Conservatory in Bern with  Christine Ragaz, violin, Regula Gerber, double bass and Katharina Weber, piano. Premiere April 26 2018
Birdcall Commissioned by the London based choir „Vocal Constructivists“ directed by Jane Alden. Premiere in the context of a tribute to Pauline Oliveros | 27 May, 2018 | Café Oto London und 9 June, 2018 Lumen Church London.
Monaden 15 pieces for piano. Premiered in the Swiss pianist Dominik Blum’s Piano recital in February and March 2020.
Frauen – Leben – Fragmente Premiere planned in the context of the Kirchenklangfest cantars 21 (Version light): 29. Mai 2021 in the Jugendkirche Einsiedeln. With Nuria Kessler, soprano, Esther Hobi, organ, Margrit Schenker, composition and accordion, Esther Rüthemann, speaker and Daniela Riedener, actor.
Luft Erde Feuer Wasser – dedicated to the clarinetist Stephan Britt. UA Luft 2021 in the Beinhaus Stans.
Endangered – a Birdlitany for Harpsicord (2021), on behalf of Chau-Yee Lo, London
PALINDROM Baustein 1–5 ( UA 2022), for Ensemble EndWend
Nature (Nature – Shelter – Tempo) – on behalf of Trio Nushka, Bern (Lisa Morger, chant, Lisa Anna Gross, English horn, Marion Gross, Piano). Premiere planned on October 18, 2023, Yehudi Menuhin Forum, Bern.

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