KRAK is a chameleon of sorts; it matches the situation and its surroundings. KRAK improvises, dresses up, plays the organ in the church, and performs foot-stomping folk dances (ländler) in the Entlebuch! KRAK meets Cage, or sometimes does nothing at all. KRAK shrieks, storms, and squeals; sometimes it is quite melancholic.

Audio sample: KRAK accordion, clarinet, voice

KRAK is also KRAK Plus – when other artists experiment with KRAK: For example, the graphic artist  Susanna Vecellio, the poet Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, the oboist Thomas Unternährer, the double bass player Regula Gerber or the Vox Feminae women’s choir, Winterthur, and others.



A CD by KRAK and Su (for orders)

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