Lullaby for Pauline Oliveros

A memorial for the recently deceased american composer, accordionist and humanitarian. The choir Constructivists is performing various scores of Pauline. The choir is accompanied by the Swiss acorrdionist and composer Margrit Schenker, a former student of Paulines Deep Listening Workshops in the U.S. and in Switzerland.

Cafe Oto in London Dalston – see link


Commissioned by Kantonsschule Kuesnacht near Zuerich. A composition for various small ensembles played by students. It will take place in a Container that has been transormed into a “concert hall”. A study in little sound, dimmed lights and a lot of listening. The project is part of a big school event¬† with the title Synapse 17. All members of the school are involved with several cultural activities. It starts april 6 with a concert with the school choir and the school orchestra and ends april 10.

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